“I was amazed at the accuracy and truth in much of what you said.  In fact I had to sit down quietly with a cup of tea to get over the shock!! The profile has really made me think and to change my perspective. It has come at a perfect time.  I actually feel more energised, more positive and clear about myself and about my place in the world. I also appreciate the clarity and detail in your writing – you deal with potentially sensitive issues very gently.”

Bridget W. ‘Teacher’, London

“ Thank you so so much for this, you are so spot on about me and my personality. It’s truly the first time ever someone has analysed me that well.”

Joanna S. ‘Psychic’, London

” I did an astrological consultation with Alexandra in April 2010. I was stunned by the depth of the report she wrote- the opposite of the machine generated standard reports you normally find on websites. Alexandra’s report rather than predict what would happen over the year, instead highlighted very accurately major themes in my life and suggested areas that I could reflect on for personal and spiritual growth. I was amazed at how personal the reading was and how Alexandra drew upon both astrology and her knowledge of psychotherapy to produce a rich narrative that I will read again and again for deeper insights. Thank you Alexandra ”

 S.D. ‘Writer, Consultant and Public Speaker’, London

“I can’t thank you enough for my son’s astrological reading. It’s been a god send at school. It’s being used by his house master and the deputy head to keep him on track. By reading your report they were able to understand more about what made him tick. By knowing this they have created a schedule and a program to get him through school. They’ve realised he has great potential and he needs direction. The deputy headmaster thought every child should have one. ”

Z. W. ‘Mother’, Reading.