S’All About Matcha!

Recently I have been on a quest to detox . As I scoured the shelves of health food shops for miracle cures, I came across a matcha tasting session. I had heard of matcha before (in the States they even do matcha lattes) but had been put off by the price, around £25 for a small tin. However the woman at the tasting waxed lyrical. The matcha was served up in a 30ml cup like you would get for a wheatgrass (or vodka!) shot. It was dissolved in apple juice and the shot tasted good and looked very green! According to the blurb, matcha is a green tea from the Nishio region in Japan. The tea leaves are grown undercover to produce lots of amino acids and chlorophyll and then dried slowly. So, according to studies it has 137 more antioxidants than standard green tea, 70 times more than orange juice and 9 times more beta carotene than spinach. Oh, and it is supposed to give you a dewey young complexion. I promise i’m not writing this on behalf of any matcha company or making any money from this !

As for what i’ve noticed, an increase in energy but more importantly a definite lift in mood. Not that hyper kind of coffee buzz. Matcha is supposed to give you a stable mood lift and actually makes you feel calmer. I don’t know if it is psychological but I feel more zen like, less attached to a particular outside circumstance in my life in order to feel happy. For example I had been feeling a little despairing about life and love but since taking the matcha I feel more complete within myself. I even find myself more able to live in the moment. Of course I would prefer to think it is the meditation, psychotherapy and everything else that has made the difference. Who knows ?….. I know i’ll keep on drinking the shots.