Uranus – Pluto Square: What Does It Mean And How Can I Transform Its Energy To My Advantage?

Much has been already written about the Uranus Pluto square. Maybe it has gone over your head or you are bored sick of hearing about it. Certainly when I read astrological predictions about things like this I feel inspired by the often poetical descriptions and at the same time often struggle to understand what is really meant and left wondering what difference reading that prediction has really made to my life. Here I explain and also attempt to give some practical tools for how to make use of what you learn to apply in your own life.

Uranus is the planet associated with individuality, rebelliousness, surprises, awakenings, high thinking. It is liked with humanitarian values and also the sciences. In your chart the house (area of life) where it is placed denotes where you are a bit of a maverick, perhaps a little stubborn and do not like to be tied down. People with a prominent Uranus or eleventh house (its natural home) will tend to be pioneers, trail blazers, or rebels who do not accept the laws of society and government/police authority. People with a strong Uranus are Madonna and Indira Ghandhi.

Pluto is the planet associated with the subconscious, the psyche, death and rebirth, obsession, compulsiveness. In your chart it can denote where you have a capacity for depth whether that be for research, thinking, sex, religion. An area where you have intense feelings or interest.

These two planets are called generational planets as they move so slowly. Pluto takes 15 years and Uranus takes 7 years.  Entire generations are born with Uranus and Pluto in the same signs. At the moment Uranus is in the sign of Aries and Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn. All babies since last year and until 2015 will have a Uranus – Pluto square in their chart. However different houses will be affected and the other planets in their chart will interact individually with them. Therefore the way the square plays out will be unique to them.

Nevertheless, it is possible to make generational comments based on the planet signs. The 60s generation had Pluto in Virgo. This era was associated with advances in medicine and the growth of alternative healing such as therapy.  The 80s generation were born with Pluto in Scorpio (it’s own sign therefore ‘at home’ there). The 80s is when globalisation and the power of the big people over the small people really took off as the acceptable norm. An example is the Thatcher era in the UK.

At the moment Uranus is in Aries which is a double whammy of energy wanting to express its individuality and to break free from the restraints of other people and society. It is the type of energy that could become destructive, think some of the people at the riots in London in the summer of 2011. It is also energy which could be used to break free of the restrictive chains which are stopping a person from getting on their true path.

Pluto is in Capricorn. Capricorn is associated with career, professional standing, public reputation, society, authority, your relationship with your father, the norms of society. In current society phenomena such as globalisation, the power of the banks and big corporations, political dictators, fundamentalism (in the East and West), strict religious regimes, are a manifestation of Pluto in Capricorn.

The two planets are squaring off which means they are making 90 degree angles to each other as they circle the sun. Even when the 90 degree angle is not exact, the influence can be felt. So there is an intense urge for individual expression clashing with the restrictive societal status quo in terms of governance, business, professional life.

The influence first started having an effect in spring and summer of 2011. On a world level this correlated with the Egyptian uprising and the first murmurings from the Occupy Wall street movement.

Further back in history, in 1201, Ghengis Khan set the Mongols on a rampage when Uranus and Pluto were in contact. In 1901-02,  the Chinese and Russian revolutions started under a Pluto/Uranus challenging aspect.

In the next part I talk more about what this means for us as a society and for us as individuals. Stay tuned!


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