Saturn Transits – GROWING DOWN

Recently I have been hosting the dreaded planet Saturn next to my natal moon. This has been going on for the last two and a half years which is how long the average Saturn transit lasts. Saturn is associated with the Greek god Kronos which means time. It is known as the task master of the planets, the one where you come head to head with your karmic lessons, and it goes without saying that these will be difficult, if not your soul would not have chosen to learn them. We often experience Saturn as a sense of heaviness, frustration, slowness, stuck-ness, depression in the area of our natal chart where it is currently transiting. If you go on and create a free account and add in your birth details, then click on extended chart selection and choose natal with transits (not been paid to advertise, honest!) then you can find out where Saturn is currently sitting in your chart. Bear in mind also that he is about to move on, going from libra to Scorpio on the 7th of October. Hurrah for me!

It’s going to be too much for me to go through each manifestation of Saturn according to where he is in your chart so I will just share my experience and give you a sniff of what Saturn is all about. For me he has been affecting my moon and also my solar fourth house. Both of these relate to one’s foundations, one’s roots. On an obvious level this can mean your physical home. It can also mean your family, your country of origin, whatever you consider to be your roots. On another level, how I experienced it, is that it can relate to your sense of being rooted in your own being, your sense of grounded-ness and fully occupying your self. According to some, for example Elisabeth Kubler – Ross, we have incarnated into this life time to learn certain lessons and also to do specific tasks whether they are to be a mother or to express oneself as an artist. It would make sense that until you fully occupy yourself, you cannot get on with the business of your own living. This idea resonates with me as I could be described as a bit of a butterfly in terms of life choices and career, flitting about but not really settling into and engaging fully in one direction for any great length of time. Nothing necessarily wrong with that. On another level, inter-personally, this hovering or not fully occupying my being has meant I have found it hard to stay in touch with my needs and wants when relating, getting lost in what the other wants and what the other needs. I think the two examples would explain my at times lack of trust in my own instincts and lack of confidence in myself.

No Wo/Man Is An Island

And so what does Saturn have to do with this? Well, he has brought me endless and ongoing opportunities over the last 2 1/2 years to really grow down into myself. In an obvious way this has been through financial constraints, as I buckle down and for the first time truly engage in a Masters degree in gestalt psychotherapy. This has meant that I could not distract myself as I might have done in the past through shopping and partying. I have been forced to confront my self. Saturn, especially since it has been sitting on my moon which is connected to the mother and emotional support, has been challenging me to look at how I support myself, physically and also how I get support from others. According to the principles of gestalt therapy support consists of ways we support ourselves for example how we hold ourselves, how we breathe, how we calm ourselves if we get stressed, and also how we get support from the environment. This is since, according to gestalt therapy, we, the individual are part of the field. We are interdependent with the field and cannot exist without this support. One of my past themes was to not want to depend too much on others or to accept their support. With Saturn conjunct my moon one of my lessons was to learn to accept support, financial aid from my mother. It was painful for me to do and I had a lot of resistance and shame around the idea of being ‘dependent’ however I needed to learn that no man is an island.


The second lesson was about physically occupying more of myself. I experimented with different types of grounding exercises that I have described elsewhere in my blog for example belly breathing, Bartenieff fundamentals, soft belly meditation. This has led to me hearing my inner impulses more and walking more to the beat of my own drum.  There is a part of me that would have loved to rush through and master all these lessons immediately, such being the impatient me. However probably the most important lesson which can only be learned over time is faith. I liken this period of financial constraint and having to rely on others as learning to leap off a cliff and trust that I will land ok. I actually did this in a cenote (see above image) called during a recent visit to Chichen Itza in  Mexico and it took me at least ten minutes to trust and leap off. Trust in myself, trust in my path, and trust in my ability to get the support I need from the field, that’s what I have gained from Saturn.

Present  Centred-ness

Saturn can be linked to a cycle of overly negative thinking and even depression. Especially in the beginning of the transit when things seem to be going wrong and one has not integrated enough of the lessons to be more philosophical it is easy to get negative and then stay stuck in that cycle. I certainly realised that I was getting into a mindset of ‘everything is rubbish’. It took others to point out to me just how negatively I was thinking and I have recently made more effort to monitor my thoughts, reducing the negative and replacing with the positive. I have also been challenged by Saturn to stay in the present, knowing that if I remain in the present moment then I cannot stay feeling blue. Listening to the birds, being aware of the wind on my face, having curiosity in other passers-by in the street means I remain with the natural fluidity and magic of life. I cannot feel negative for too long if I am truly in the present.

And are the lessons over yet? Who knows, I still have another two months to go and yes, I do plan to celebrate when he is gone! In the meantime I will take heart from this quote from Elisabeth Kubler – Ross.

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”


2 thoughts on “Saturn Transits – GROWING DOWN

  1. aalif says:

    Wow – happy to discover your blog… you write with as much insight into subtle psychology as astrology. Looking forward to more of your posts…

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